Linda Hailey is a marketing guru with a difference.  She doesn’t talk jargon, isn’t interested in the “big end” of town and is passionate about taking the mystery and megabucks out of marketing for small business.

She is known for her down to earth, practical approach and works with a range of clients including retailers, tourism operators, service businesses, distributors, professional practices, manufacturers and even a funeral director.  She has replaced boring old business planning with the much more dynamic and relevant Vision Planning which helps business owners plan for success.  She speaks at over 100 presentations a year on topics ranging from marketing and business growth to customer service and e-marketing. She also travels extensively in regional Australia helping towns and businesses maximise their revenue from locals, tourists and visitors to the area.

Linda has done extensive research into how small businesses grow which resulted in her second book “Your Business Your Future” how to predict and harness growth.